Where Did You Come From?

Where Did You Come From?

Excerpt from Divine Love Affair an Akashic Journey – Nancy Smith

The mystical power of creation is at the core of every religion and spiritual belief.

This Creator power is usually personified by the mindset and culture of the time. In some cases, the personification of this power becomes a communally agreed upon religious belief which supports the lifestyle of that culture.

Consistent throughout humanity’s search for meaning and spiritual expression is the mystery of something beyond our individual self. Something within ourselves searches and imagines there is a beginning, a mind, or a presence that is greater than ME. Part of our intuitive being wants to understand and relate to, and even return to, the place I came from.

Is This Where I Began?

As tribes developed in different regions of the world, unique cultures and beliefs continued to develop. The following section is full of interesting descriptions of creation myths found throughout the world.

As you read these fascinating and simplified versions of creation, begin to consider the use of symbolism in each story. What could the symbolic elements be telling you about the beliefs from these various tribes and cultures? Our own intuitive and divine nature often speaks to us through symbols. What beliefs are these people working with? What are they trying to understand about themselves through these symbols?

Your beliefs were taught to you by your parents and guardians, and were reinforced by your culture, schools, peers, and society at large. Mass media subjects us to a myriad of beliefs and ideas that often contradict each other.  You carry tribal memories of your beliefs in your physical DNA.  You are also influenced by your past lives, and carry memories in what is referred to as spiritual DNA.

These creation stories are filled with symbolism and metaphors. As Micheal Caduto and Joseph Bruchas explain in their book, Keepers of the Earth, “Everyone’s view of the world is molded by experience: a mix of fantasy, feeling, facts and faith. Each new event and experience affects our ideas concerning the nature of life and our surroundings, shifting the way we see ourselves, other people and our environment.”

Knowing what has influenced and molded you is the first step on your journey to a soul-level understanding of yourself. In this book, you will be learning how to retrieve memories and work with deep-seated beliefs. You will bring them to your awareness in order to learn from them, so that you may grow into the power of your soul.


A Simplified History of Early Spiritual Beliefs: Where We Come From

Humans have tried to understand the origin of life and the source of their own being since the beginning of time.  Spiritual beliefs and religions have been passed on by word of mouth descriptions and stories that explain the Creator and the beginning of the human race.  The cosmology of a Creator—a God—is often personified based on that specific culture’s earthly experiences. Most of these descriptions of life source energy are brief, sometimes vague, or not clearly documented. Ultimately, there is a consistency of reoccurring descriptions and references to a divine presence before all things were created.

The concept of Creator shifted from a female to a male over a long course of time. Archeological findings show that in the time before written language, the archetype of a female Creator seemed to prevail. As written language developed, The one God over all concept often assumes that a male deity is the highest God and Creator.

In most traditions there is a desire to obtain spiritual wisdom and a reassuring connection to the Creator. The archetypal belief is that this connection to the Creator will bring prosperity and relief from the sufferings of life.

Also present throughout most spiritual belief systems is the archetypal fear of having forgotten God and “his” commands. While some may have stayed true to the ways and faith of God, others fell to the ways of following their own worldly lusts, and neglecting or even forgetting God.  If God has been forgotten, who is going to tell their children about the mysteries of God, the Creator, so that God will keep them safe? This archetype speaks to the yearning to nurture the human spirit and soul deeply embedded in humanity.

As you search for your spiritual origins, first look at what has influenced and molded you. Next, look at what resonates with you.  For instance, are you a child of God, a star seed, a creation of Mother Earth, a transplant from another universe, or a being from another plane of existence? We ALL have spiritual origins, and the challenge is to remember Soul and Source when you wonder where you have come from!

Peace out!

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