Which Courses Should I Take?

Which Courses Should I Take?

Clients ask me a lot of questions. Heck, that’s their job, to ask questions. But some of the most important ones are about their budding spiritual development. Where do I start? Which books should I read? Which courses should I take? Who are the best teachers? Well, I’m going to tell you exactly what I tell them. It doesn’t really matter, just start anywhere!

In truth, it doesn’t matter where you start, it only matters THAT you start! What you study is not always as important as what you end up learning. Trust me on this one. Maybe it’s the interconnection with other students, maybe it’s just an increased curiosity to learn other things. Who knows, you might not even fully appreciate the course until much farther down your spiritual path. The point is, don’t worry so much about content, focus on the experience itself. After all, you are not married to that modality just because you took a course on it. And frankly, you just never know what you are meant to take away from that course unless you open your mind and sign up.

Years ago I took an extended course. For one weekend a month, for 6 months, I sat in a drab office classroom bathed in fluorescent light for 8 hours each day. With buns going numb in plastic garden chairs, I realized that the teacher spent most of the each day casually chatting about what we were going to be doing and only spent 3 hours at the end of each day actually doing it. Now, maybe my military trained mind works with more of need for efficiency than others, but it seemed to me that there was an extraordinary waste of time going on. Yes, I did learn a LOT spiritual things, like not worrying if other people in the class appeared to be more advanced, and to trust the images I was getting, and to bring my own pillow to sit on. But what I also learned was how the format could be improved.

Years later I would come to appreciate the incredible value of that tush-testing course. I would use those experiences when developing my own courses, making sure to focus on the areas I felt were lacking, as well as implementing the actual spiritual knowledge I gained. Build a better mousetrap, as they say. Had I just walked away or grumbled about the format or never took another course based on that experience, I would have lost some valuable learning.

You just never know what you are going to take away from any given course. There is ALWAYS value in a course, book, lecture, or retreat! ALWAYS! Sometimes what you learn will not be used until much later in life and in very unexpected ways, but you WILL learn something and won’t know unless you go! Hey, I rhymed! So sign up, sit down, participate and experience…..but just remember to always, always bring your own pillow!

Samantha Hall is a full time psychic, medium and spiritual mentor. Transplanted from her roots in Arizona, Samantha now makes her home in Northwest Georgia. Part philosopher, part psychic, student of quantum sciences and consciousness, Samantha is always searching for answers to what make humans so uniquely human. You can learn more here: Samantha Hall

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