Who is the Creator?

Who is the Creator?

The mystical power of creation is at the core of every religion and spiritual belief. 

This Creator power is usually personified by the mindset and culture of the time. In some cases, the personification of this power becomes a communally agreed upon religious belief which supports the lifestyle of that culture.

Consistent throughout humanity’s search for meaning and spiritual expression is the mystery of something beyond our individual self. Something within ourselves searches and imagines there is a beginning, a mind, or a presence that is greater than ME. Part of our intuitive being wants to understand and relate to, and even return to, the place I came from.

Humanity has given many names to the source and divinity from where we came. Mother, Father, God Creator of all that is; Infinite Intelligence of love and light; The Creator; Akasha, Yahweh; Abba; Elohim; El Shaddai; Al Quddus; Jehovah. The Jewish tradition has 72 names for god. Each of these names holds a meaning of a specific attribute of God. 

Spiritualism’s core belief and philosophy is the acceptance of a Divine Energy. A supreme impersonal Power, everywhere present, manifesting as life, through all forms of organized matter. Though this power is impersonal, our understanding of this source can be gained by our personal journeys and perceptions of this creative force. This force, whatever name given to it, has created all there is and sustains all its creation.

Spiritualists also believe that the “Spirit of God” exists within and around everyone and everything. We are all children of god and so are part of one family. As spiritualists we acknowledge this one source as our Father, Mother, Creator.

This Energy of God the Creator ensures that order and harmony exist, which enables us to thrive in the galaxy in which we live. Without God we are nothing, with God we are everything. God is seen as (and often called by spiritualists) “Essence of Life” with the understanding that all life, not just human life, is important in God’s scheme. This includes all life forms known an unknown. Seeing God as the essence of life brings reassurance that all life is equal. This equality doesn’t stop at Humanity, it extends to all life from single cell amoebas to the most complex of beings.

We may not know how important our relationship is to all other beings as we live out our life, but as Spiritualists this we know for sure: we are being asked to travel on a path of spiritual progression, to strive to improve our own life as well as the lives of all those we meet.

“The Essence of Life” is energy. Conscious, loving, creative energy. This concept speaks not to a human animation of God the Father. This Essence embraces both feminine and masculine, this essence has no separation. Many religions personify God and a being with jealousies, preferences and human-like judgements. This is not the case as seen by spiritualists. Within God are all aspects of natural law that make up creation. These aspects of the Creator are way beyond what our human mind can take in.

My Own Version of Creation

In the beginning, there was Divine Consciousness.

This consciousness is LOVE. Unconditional Love.

Love wanted to express itself.

“I Am,” said Love, and so it is.

 Love became the creator with these words. Love desired to experience love and continues to create.

Divine Love created little souls, just like itself. Each soul is unique and individual, ready to grow and learn. Love calls these little souls, I AM.

The creator, Divine Love, made light, space, and form for these souls to grow up in. They could experience their own nature and unique selves in everything the creator made. The souls took many forms as they grew and experienced themselves. The souls were never separate from the Creator Love, no matter what form they chose to take.

The creator’s consciousness became full. All possibilities, all knowing, all thoughts, and all things created fill the consciousness of the creator. Not one thing is forgotten. Love and Creation are all one in the same.

Author: Nancy Smith, https://BestAmericanPsychics.com/advisor/nancy-smith

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