WK 2: Love on Hand - A Month of Love Tailored to YOU

Feb 10 2020

WK 2: Love on Hand – A Month of Love Tailored to YOU

Love On Hand – A Month of Love Tailored to YOU

The Plan to expand with Heart – Continued from last Week.  Read Week One here: http://bit.ly/BBLoveonHand

Time to get the three step action plan in place to dial up your magnetic factor for more abundant options to play with in manifesting.  Fear prefers a limited and familiar path, which is why we slowly add a few key things to ease into space in a less frightening way.  Let’s take on Step One this week. 

Step One is called Deep Interest.  This is the place that wasn’t possible in your childhood.  When feelings came up, there was no empathetic adult around to help you feel and shape them in a way that was uniquely yours.  It’s likely you were told not to feel it or told how you should feel.  ‘Shoulds’ are often the secret gatekeeper in an Earth Heart’s mind.  In time you can live in a ‘no shoulding on yourself’ zone.  It just takes practicing these three steps.

When something or somebody triggers you and anxiety or fear come up, take a deep interest in what frightens you.  Fear casts a long shadow.  Deep interest and investigation turns on the overhead light and the shadow shrinks.  Add compassion for the frozen four year old in your brain who wasn’t taught it was safe to be afraid.  Fight, Flight, Freeze or Fawn are normal reactions. You likely modeled a similar response to one of your parents, which is the current limit to all that power within you.  These steps can change that.

Just that kind and loving thought for the part of you reacting is a wonderful response.  We will get to more of that in Step Three.  For now stay curious about you.  To help I am going to share a very important secret your fear brain doesn’t want you to know.  You are underestimating yourself and overestimating any threat.  This way you are always over prepared for danger.

But your fear brain lies to you.  You are a formidable match for any challenge.  After all, you are the manifesting magician!  When you stop the automatic response and get curious about what the original fear is behind the reaction, a rich vault of power swings open.  Once you do that, it’s impossible to keep the truth hidden.  Holes appear in your story about what’s happening.  I’ll lay you serious odds your assessment of any threats was more appropriate at four years old than it is now.

When other people are angry, upset, or demanding, my Earth Hearts tend to shut down and withdraw.   That solitary line in the center of your hand is like an anemone when touched.  It closes up fast.  You don’t do conflict easily or feel like you do it well because you feel outmatched.  That’s just your fear brain underestimating you and overestimating the threat.  You see others as the enemy.  All of your unexpressed emotion goes into the story about what’s happening to you.

If you catch yourself doing that, get curious.  I’ve seen impressive results with a little practice, once your Earth Heart know how to take care of themselves.  They are unbeatable in conflict and a real benefit to those around them once they learn a few tips like these.  Time to doubt your doubts, push back on them underestimating you.  Really dig into that story that has you triggered by what someone does or says. 

Where else in the past did you feel this way when you get triggered? What’s the earliest memory of it? Past events may be lumped into the present potential threat, like dominos tipping forward.  Breathe, and be deeply interested in all of the feelings and thoughts that go into your story. Take it apart and soothe yourself while you do.  Good.  Practice quality attention on all the layers you feel.

We will dive into what to do with what you find next week.  For this week, stay curious and be deeply interested in YOU.

Next Week Step Two – Listening to Hear gives you a new way of interacting with your fear brain to retrain it one difficult moment at a time.

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Author: Lisa Greenfield https://bestamericanpsychics.com/advisor/lisa-greenfield

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