WK 3: Love on Hand – A Month of Love Tailored to YOU

WK 3: Love on Hand – A Month of Love Tailored to YOU

Your Heart Line is the top line on your hand for a reason. It reveals how big the electromagnetic field is around you. We all have it, some just magnetize in more than others. You see the heart has 100 times the electric charge of our brain and 5,000 times the magnetic power. The bigger your heart line, the more magnetic you are. Let’s explore how you can start with heart to dial up your magnetism, just by being more You for the month of Love! We are on Step 2 of the three step action plan in place to dial up your magnetic factor for more abundant options to play with in manifesting. Fear prefers a limited and familiar path, which is why we slowly add a few key things to ease into space in a less frightening way. Check the last two weeks here if you missed them.

Step Two is ‘Listening to More Than Words’. This builds on last week’s Step One – being deeply interested in what you are feeling rather than just your thoughts is a potent shift. Often times, my Earth Hearts are so powerful they trigger those around them and, in fear, others try to block or limit the Earth Heart. When you listen to more than words, first for yourself, then for others, you get rich layers of information that is clay in your hands to shape a better outcome. It’s also a way to signal to the frightened, four year old, fear brain that your feelings matter to you. Give yourself attention and then really listen to what you feel before you rush to action, it does change your life. The very act of giving yourself quality attention soothes the fear brain and allows for facts that didn’t support your first reaction to pop into view. This is important, hear it all without judging yourself. Judgement is just another trick of the fear brain to get you back into reaction mode instead of creation. Know when it happens you are in pain. Go to the pain source, don’t stay stuck in judgement.

Each time you listen with deep interest, you teach yourself that your feelings matter, that your heart and your body are heard. Be curious, listen to understand all those feelings. Give them the light of day without a lot of “shoulds” on them. Make room for all of them to come out of the basement where they’ve festered for years unattended. Whew, does it feel better to add in a range of emotions like colors in the crayola box? Of course it can be shocking or unnerving to find out how much you feel. It lessens as those locked spaces are freed. That means you are more present for others, without that stored pain between you. But that’s where the next step comes into play next week.

For now, breathe slowly and deeply as you listen first to all your heart, body and Spirit want to add to your minds chatter. The mind would love to take up 90% of the space, but work on a more level playing field. Give them each time for feedback. You can even mentally dress up your heart, body, mind and Spirit and let them each have equal time. If you are anything like me, the Mind has a habit of interrupting the others. With practice it gets more civil and patient. Next week will wrap up with the third step and the neuroscience behind what we are doing. If you want more help, do check out Lisa’s Expand Love Capacity Authentically Experience for ongoing support. You can actually see the change of mind will change the lines.

Author: Lisa Greenfield

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