Your Loved Ones Are Connecting With You

Your Loved Ones Are Connecting With You

My Dad loved to do diy projects around our house and I remember puttering around with him fixing things. I learned how to do things like installing a new shower with a hand held hose, hanging and mudding seams in new drywall and painting walls “the right way”…instead of just slapping the paint on in the faster more efficient way that I preferred. My personal favorite project he worked on was a plastic whale he turned into a fountain. He was so creative, and it was so cute. The water for the fountain pushed up through where the whale’s blow hole would have been and was situated in the middle of a pond in my parents’ yard.

He has been gone now for 12 long years. And ever since he passed, I can’t seem to pick up a hammer or a power tool without feeling him step up next to me energetically. And just like when he was here physically, he wants to make sure that I “do it right”. I often hear him say “don’t jimmy rig that”, “don’t half ass it” or my favorite “damn it…go get an anchor. A nail ain’t gonna hold that.” All in my dad’s voice in my head. It’s comforting to know that he still expects me to half ass most of the diy projects that I work on in my own home (LOL) but I know it doesn’t come from a place of expecting me to mess something up. Instead, I know that he is beside me…gently nudging me to do things right the first time just like he did in life when he was still here in physical form. And it comes from a place of love. Letting me know that he is here watching over me even if it is just to tease me about doing a project right the first time.

And that is how it happens. Our loved ones on the other side will connect with us in the most mundane ways in physical life because that is how you experienced them in life.

The energetic connection to your loved one can be very subtle and is usually connected to something about them that you would recognize. Some obvious ones might be smelling their perfume or cologne or cigarette smoke. But others could be less obvious. Did your Grandmother love gardening and so do you? When you are gardening pay close attention…any thoughts or memories you experience may be brought up because she is near you. One person I know was making a favorite family recipe and wondered out loud what the secret ingredient was because her mother would never share this secret and hers just didn’t taste the same. Suddenly she started smelling lemons. So, she added a touch of lemon juice to the recipe and it made the flavor in her dish just right and It turned out exactly the way her mom made it.

So, pay attention and trust yourself. Most importantly, ask your loved one to come in close to you and connect with you. They are with you and want to let you know that they are around and still connected to you.

Author: Jody Higgins,

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