Your Psychic Antenna

Your Psychic Antenna

When I teach beginning psychic intuitive development classes, I always tell my students about their energy anatomy, which includes what I call their psychic antenna. We are all born with one. In my private practice as a psychic and medium people often ask me how my psychic abilities work.  I tell them this:

We are all born with the equipment to be intuitive, to connect with our psychic knowing and senses, and to communicate with and connect with the spirit realm. The spirit realm includes spirit guides, angels, deceased loved ones and animals, the elemental and plant spirits as well as the Divine, (God, Goddess, Creator, Nature, Universal Consciousness…) and your own higher self. It is simply a matter of what degree of attention or interest one has in developing that innate ability.  You and I can both take piano lessons, and we could learn to play a few songs, or we might feel impassioned to become a professional. Some may have a more natural propensity toward further development of a particular talent than others and may find more ease with certain talents than others. The point is, anyone can learn to find and experience consciously, their own psychic antenna! It is working most of the time anyway, we just aren’t paying close attention. That is where the focus and intention come in. 

When you decide to sign up for a class to develop your intuition or psychic gifts, you will likely find that you surprise yourself with your ability. When you take the time to sit quietly focused on your inner vision, sensing, hearing, and knowing, you can get a lot of information! The trick now is to trust it. The only way to develop trust of that information you are receiving is to practice, check out feedback from external sources such as a friend you practice on, or a circumstance you “read” to get the information about. For example, you decide to “tune in” with your antenna about a particular day in the near future. Let’s take the weather. You sit down, become calm and focused on your breath and clear your chatter mind by focusing there on the breath for a minute.  Now, go in your thought to the day in the future that you want to “read” the weather for.  Allow any images, words and or feeling senses to come to your mind about the weather for that day. Write it down. Now wait until that day arrives and see how you did.  Another one I like is the friend check. Close your eyes and breathe a few calm natural breaths. Bring a friend into your mind. (Take note of the time you do this), now tune in with your antenna to where your friend is and what they are doing, how they are feeling or what they are wearing. You may get an abstract sense like a color or texture. The more you scan the more you will receive. When you get what feels like enough information, check it out with your friend. Ask them where they were or what they were doing and feeling at that time on that day. You can tell them ahead of time and get their permission if you like that you are practicing your intuition and want to take a look at them at some point in the near future. Keep it basic and general, so they don’t feel anxious or invaded! You will likely be surprised at how accurate most of your information was. This takes practice and focus while in a relaxed state. Remember, I said to be consciously aware of your information, including setting the intention to gather specific information. The truth is, we are getting information through our antenna all the time.  As you practice, you will notice your psychic antenna getting stronger and more accurate. It is like developing a muscle.

There are many good reasons to develop and use your psychic ability in your life without ever deciding to use it professionally or to even use it for other’s benefit. Reading energies and getting information can cut out a lot of unnecessary detours along your life path. Hiring the wrong person for a job for example. Making a move that really doesn’t serve your best purpose, whether small or large. Knowing whom to trust and whom not to, you get the idea.

The next time you get an opportunity to learn to connect with and consciously use your psychic anatomy, I recommend that you take a leap and give it a try! You may just find a whole new path in your life.

Author: Katherine Glass,

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