Tanisia Smith

Posted on April 7, 2022

Tanisia Smith – Intuitive, Empath, and Healer

Questions Answered. Hope Restored. Tanisia Smith is an intuitive and empath who has been offering psychic guidance with compassion and understanding for over 30 years. She specializes in interpersonal relationships: helping clients gain insight into their interactions with others and imparting psychic relationship advice for any type of relationship be it family, personal, romantic, or business.

She also offers insightful advice on other topics including spiritual concerns, improving the knowledge of and relationship with the self, and techniques for coping with depression and anxiety. Her focuses are on helping clients to see and understand the full scope of their choices as well as self care during difficult times. Ms. Smith possesses a wide range of psychic gifts and offers a variety of services with a unique mind body approach.

She is a member of the Certified Psychic Society and has been featured by Radar Online and OK! Magazine. Her practice is based in the Baltimore, Maryland area; however, she welcomes clients from anywhere in the US or even outside the States. These sessions are conducted via phone or electronically.

Psychic Abilities ● Clairvoyance- the ability to gain psychic information visually. This can manifest as a true vision or simply as an image in the mind’s eye. ● Claircognizance- the ability to simply know information. This ability is similar to simple intuition or ‘gut feeling’, but much more profound. ● Clairsentience- the empathic ability to feel physical and emotional conditions relating to the client’s questions. ● Clairaudience- the ability to hear information spoken, either as actual speech or a voice in the mind.

Traditional and Modern Services Ms. Smith conducts psychic readings in many different manners; some are traditional and time-honored while others are more modern and in keeping with our technology centered lifestyle.

The services she offers include: ● In person readings (30 and 60 minute sessions) ● Telephone readings (30 and 60 minute sessions, or 15 minute follow up sessions) ● E-mail sessions ● Text sessions ● Just One Question (Ask a single question and receive a straightforward, comprehensive answer) ● Private events (up to 3 hours)

If, after the first five minutes of your psychic reading, either you or Ms. Smith do not feel you are making a connection, the reading can be canceled and you will not be charged.

Mind Body Therapy In addition to her psychic abilities, intuitive insight, and spiritual direction Ms. Smith also provides bodywork therapies to treat physical, emotional, and spiritual ailments.

Massage Therapy Ms. Smith has been a licensed massage therapist in the state of Maryland since 2002. She offers two focused areas of massage: massage for pain relief and massage for relaxation. Massage for Pain Relief Massage for Relaxation

Reiki Healing Ms. Smith has been a student of Reiki healing since 1992. She is a master in both Usui and Karuna healing traditions.

Private Classes Ms. Smith conducts private instruction in several areas. These courses are designed to help students develop and understand their own psychic abilities. There is no set schedule for these courses; Ms. Smith must be contacted to schedule all lessons.

Beginning Psychic Development Series This class is designed for anyone just beginning to explore their psychic abilities. Whether you simply want to enhance your spirituality or are looking to begin seeing clients of your own, this is the perfect introductory course.

Topics explored will include: ● What does it really mean to have psychic abilities? ● Accepting your gifts ● What are the ethical considerations of reading others? ● Using psychic tools ● How to use psychic senses in everyday life ● And much more! This is a 10 class series. The Ethics of Intuitive Work This course focuses on creating boundaries when reading others. Topics explored in this course include: ● Ways to use psychic abilities ● Ways to receive information ● How to communicate boundaries to the person you are reading

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