Anthony Mikolojeski

Posted on April 7, 2022

Anthony Mikolojeski is a Psychic Medium who takes his work very seriously, yet joyfully. He has studied with some of the most talented psychic mediums in the field. Striving to come from a place of light and always from the heart, his focus is on providing the most accurate messages with the aid of his Guides.

Anthony considers it an honor to be in the company of such talented colleagues and part of a loving, ethical organization as Best American Psychics.

Anthony Mikolojeski is a third-generation Polish-American . His psychic roots stemming from his paternal grandmother. He is based out of Asheville, NC and specializes in receiving messages from spirit through tarot, his Spirit Guides, and the communication of departed loved ones from the other side.

He is a clairvoyant (the ability to see images/visions & people), clairaudient (the ability to hear voices), clairscent (the ability to smell perfumes, foods, tobacco); claircognizant (the internal feeling or clear knowing by Spirit) and clairempathetic (clear emotion while tuning in the emotional experience of the person or place).

Anthony is a Certified Past Life Regressionist, training from Mary Elizabeth Raines (Academy for Professional Hypnosis Training). He also has four years of training in Shamanic Spiritualism. Both of these prove beneficial in the understanding of past lives within his readings. Anthony is able to assist you in the areas of romance, financial matters, career and health. He has studied with many exclusive Psychic Mediums and is certified with James Van Praagh and Jill Jackson in addition to studies with Tony Stockwell in Trance Mediumship.

Communications with the Spirit World go back to Anthony’s childhood; a deep knowing that he had a special mission in this world. For years he wrestled with his psychic intuitive gifts and Spirits who needed assistance crossing over. Through these experiences he realized God and the Universe were setting him on his path, allowing an advancing in his skills and further fulfilling his soul purpose— to be of service to the Spirit World and give back to humanity.

Anthony is a kind, compassionate soul who truly wants to help, heal and assist in “closure”. This is done by creating and holding a positive space and striving to always come from a place of love. Focus is on accuracy in his readings.

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  • What an amazing reading!  says : Flag this review Details
    March 23, 2022 at 12:23 am

    What an amazing reading!  First of all I loved the spiritual space that Anthony has created to do his readings, it was so lovely and calming. Anthony tapped into some issues going on with me right off the bat. There were issues about family dynamics that were very specific and he was able to give me comforting information ... and the most special part was when gave me a message from my Grandmother on the other side with lots of confirmation that it was her.  He also tapped into my special connection with animals and told me I have a gift of healing and recommended that I pursue that. I’m now taking some energy classes to explore that part of myself.  I so appreciated the way Anthony delivered information the loving way he presented it. After the reading Anthony shared that he was a “physical medium” and he explained that sometimes object move when he is reading or lights will be altered, had an omg moment when I remembered while he was channeling I saw his large beautiful crystal Amethyst begin to sway back and forth behind him. I really wanted to tell him at the time but didn’t want to interrupt then forgot about it until he mentioned the physical mediumship ability (the crystal was quite large and solidly in place so I’m sure it didn’t move on its own.) I enjoyed all the detailed information and loving energy during my reading with Anthony and would definitely recommend him and plan to book another reading in the future. Thank you, Anthony!

  • It was such a wonderful experience! says : Flag this review Details
    March 17, 2022 at 9:46 pm

    I had a group reading with several of my friends. We all left so overwhelmed with his psychic and mediumship ability's. He was able to use his psychic ability with my son as well as his mediumship while connecting with my grandmother as well as my friends loved ones. He is truly the real deal. Thank You Again Anthony! Kim Gibbs

  • Wonderful experience says : Flag this review Details
    February 17, 2022 at 5:52 pm

    The experience I had with Anthony was amazing. I cannot state how pleased I am with this experience. Anthony's gifts and extremely pleasant demeanor made it very comfortable and enjoyable. I will be back. I am still in awe at the information that came through.

  • Amazing and Accurate Reading with Anthony says : Flag this review Details
    January 29, 2022 at 12:51 pm

    My reading with Anthony was so accurate and beautiful. He immediately connected with my recently passed husband, and brought through such evidential details, names, dates, and even my husband's personality and character! Anthony was sincere and kind, and gave the messages in such a way that I felt healing and love. He is a gifted medium and very accurate. I can highly recommend him! Thank you Anthony for what you do!

  • November 3, 2021 at 10:19 pm

    This was my first medium reading so I was a little nervous beforehand. I was immediately put at ease as soon as our meeting began. Anthony was so professional, caring, and accurate. He gave me details that no one else would know. I laughed, I cried, and I felt at peace. My heart felt so full after connecting with Anthony and my loved ones! I cannot express how happy I am that I booked a reading with Anthony. He was able to confirm that my loved ones are still with me, listening to me, and watching over me. Thank you so very much! Leslie

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