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Posted on April 7, 2022

Mediumship is not a profession many people have considered entering into, and Carole Grace was among those. For many years, she tried to block her gift of healing. For her, the idea of reaching out to those who have already passed was uncomfortable. As a child, Mediumship was a profession she did not dream of having.

Carole Grace’s Way to Mediumship

When she was young, Carole Grace saw spirits of people and animals who had passed. This was an ability she possessed for some time, but also ignored. After her pet dog passed when Carole Grace was a teenager, she would see the dog’s spirit. It would be waiting for her by the window as she came home from school – something her dog had always done when it was still living.

Carole Grace told many people about the spirits that she had seen but they never believed her. Her siblings told her it was just her imagination and that maybe she had just watched a lot of scary movies. It was painful for Carole Grace to have people doubting her, so she shut down her gift.

She was already a mom in the 90’s when she came to read the book Hands of Light. The book helped her realize how her gift could help other people, and animals. It was through the book that Carole Grace learned about the human energy and aura.

Training and Learning from the Best

She never thought it would be memorable, but Carole Grace’s path to mediumship truly shaped her into what she has become. One of her mentors was the amazing Kathy Sinnette. Kathy knew that Carole Grace had the gift before Carole Grace even embraced it herself. Carole Grace took an amazing journey into Healing Touch under Kathy Sinnette and even went on to assist Kathy in her classes.

As years went by, Carole Grace’s gift started coming back piece by piece. When she finally did embrace it, she started learning more about her gift and how she would be able to use it in helping others.

Because Carole Grace wanted to really use her gift in helping others, she sought ways to improve herself. She applied and got accepted into an exclusive program by Lisa Williams. The program trained her in Advanced Mediumship. She then continued to become a Certified Spiritual Advisor. Carole Grace also enjoyed training with Tony Stockwell, John Holland, Janet Nohavec, Val Williams, and many more. She traveled to England and attended the Arthur Findlay College, which is a learning institution for Mediums. Carole Grace believed that by becoming better at Mediumship, and honing her skills, she would be of great help to people who need her.

Aside from Mediumship, Carole Grace also learned meditation and swore to be good at it. She trained under the McLean Meditation Institute. In the institute, she trained on a 200-hour program. Carole Grace is now a certified meditation teacher, ready to apply her profound knowledge on meditation.

Services Offered by Carole Grace

  • Mediumship and Psychic Reading
    Carole will be able to help you get in touch with spirits from the afterlife. If you want to talk to a loved one who has already passed, Carole Grace is properly trained and equipped with the right energy to help you.
    • Mediumship and/or Psychic Reading for 60 minutes
    • Mediumship, Channeled, or Psychic Reading
    • Gallery or Group Readings for 2 hours (minimum), booked for 10 people (minimum)

Please note that Mediumship and Psychic Readings can be in person, thru Skype, or via telephone.

  • Healing Sessions

Every feeling and emotion that people have greatly affects their health and it is important to drive the negative emotions away, thus the Healing Sessions. During Carole Grace’s Healing Sessions, negative feelings, emotions, and thoughts are driven away to invite the positive energy in.

  • NMT (done over the phone)/Quantum Healing
  • Soul Realignment
  • Home and Property Clearing
    This is done to drive the negative energy away from a property. This negative energy can greatly affect the people living in the space. Furthermore, if selling any property, it is important to make sure that it is free from any unwanted energy that deters buyers.
  • Healing Touch for people and pets (1-hour session)
  • Reiki for people and pets (1-hour session)

Please note that except for NMT, all Healing Sessions are in-person or distant healing.

  • Classes
    Carole’s passion has always been to help other people. This was her motivation to pursue Mediumship further. Now, it is her time to give back. Here are the classes which Carole Grace offers to those who want to have a more profound understanding of Mediumship.
    • Mediumship (available in Basic and Advanced classes)
    • Psychic Development (available in Basic and Advanced classes)
    • Meditation Training with SEED Method (Simple Easy Every Day)
    • Energy Techniques available for individuals and groups
  • Healing Touch for Children

In these classes, Healing Touch techniques are taught to children ages 6-12. Each class has a maximum of 10 students. In these sessions, children will learn essential skills for their everyday life:

  • Basic concepts on energy
  • Using healing energy for their health and self-care
  • Balancing their emotions
  • Learning internal sense of peace and calm
  • Meditation
  • Using their energy field for protection
  • Creating stronger sense of self
  • Using universal life force for comfort and care

Experience a true healing of your mind, body, and spirit with Carole Grace. Book your appointment today.

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