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~With Much Love and Gratitude~

The death of my girl, Elizabeth, brought me to my knees. I was devastated and heartbroken when we lost our beautiful cat. It seemed as though I was walking through a fog, trying to do as much as I could, to honor her memory. I made a beautiful photo book, a memorial corner in her room, sprinkled her ashes in a beautiful flower garden which was made just for her with a beautiful headstone. I placed a perpetual light in her garden and I had her final paw print memorialized. But still, my grief was great. The loss of my beloved girl was more excruciating than I could ever imagine. The pain was palpable, not just emotional, but almost physical, as well. I knew I would never get over her loss, but somehow I needed to get through it. And now the miracle of it all......Mari's gifts were presented to me at a time when I truly needed comfort. She connected me with my Elizabeth and spoke of things that no one else could have, or would have ever known. She validated so many things. Elizabeth's personality shone through; beautiful, sweet , calm, gentle, loving, and sensitive, . My girl was truly with us, showing me her love and gratitude, and surrounding me with the peace and comfort, that I desperately needed. Elizabeth assured me that she was still with me, not in her physical body, but in her spiritual energy. The burden of my grief was lifted. No longer am I crying out of sadness and grief for my girl. I am crying tears of joy. I can not thank Mari enough, for sharing her gift with me. She has proven to me that there is Life after Life. I will forever be grateful.

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