Social Distancing And Self-Discovery

Oct 13 2020

Social Distancing And Self-Discovery

Part 2: Opportunity Knocks

Social distancing and the current pandemic appear to have taken many things away from us. We feel as if we’ve had the social and financial rug pulled right out from underneath of us, and in a way we have.  Any time we have swift, dramatic, and drastic change we immediately tend to focus on what we’ve lost, which is of course, normal human reaction. But if, IF we are wise, we can shift our focus from what we have been forced to let go of, and focus our insight on the opportunities for physical, emotional and spiritual change. 

In part one we took a look at how forced social change has made us look more deeply at our spiritual definition of who we are, but dramatic social change is also affording us an opportunity to think outside the box and create new ways of doing just about everything.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, sometimes the seat has to get awfully hot before we are genuinely motivated to get up and change positions. Well, not much is hotter than a pandemic to force us to make much needed changes to ourselves. I’ve seen people deeply struggling with this pandemic, impatiently waiting for things to get back to ‘normal’ and  I’ve seen people taking every limiting situation caused by the pandemic and turning it into a positive growth experience or even a new and improved business model. 

Those who are thriving in this chaos, spiritually speaking, are those who have chosen to not just sit there until it all passes, but have chosen to dig in and seek opportunity within the chaos, specifically spiritual opportunity. 

When white water rafting you are told that when you hit the rapids, DIG IN! Dig in with those paddles and guide the raft. It’ll make the rapids much easier and you’ll get safely to the calm waters faster if you do. But there are those who refuse, spiritually speaking. They spend the entire ride lamenting on where each drop of water came from, which is useless and futile, and they fail to see the opportunity of using the chaotic waters (and some paddling skill) to get to the other side. 

So the real question is, are you using this social distancing, this new normal, to your greatest physical, emotional and spiritual advantage? Or are you bouncing around on the rapids just hoping you’ll get safely to calmer waters eventually? 

Author: Samantha Hall

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