Fork in the Road December – Week 2

Fork in the Road December – Week 2

December serves up a month of reward or conflict, you get to decide which it will be. One key to which way you goes is there in the palm of your hand, literally. So let’s explore more on how to use your ‘martial’ talents to put you in the winner circle instead of on the floor in a knockout.

How you were taught to think, speak and act on your behalf shows up in the Head Line (which travels through the Mars region on your hand). The left hand is your internal or personal process, the right hand reveals what the world sees.

bestamericanpsychicsThe further a line travels, the more it picks up steam. Shorter and/or curved lines that end under the Apollo finger absorbed challenges in speaking up or acting on their behalf in a conflict.

Now comes the important bit. You have to stretch this month. Growth is not optional, resistance is painful – so let’s give you a hand there.

If you usually give in to others, you will be required to stand up for yourself better. This doesn’t mean fight, rather it means stretch a bit.

Circumstances pop up to help provoke you to flex a new muscle. The Universe isn’t mean, it’s offering practice to consider both yourself and others in disagreement.

Disagreement is important, even necessary in times of great chaos or change. It helps us consider points of view from a bigger range of possibilities than agreement ever would. We have to let go of simple solutions that pit us against each other. All hands on deck are needed now, pun intended.

So time to find out more about your particular style…

If your Head Line ends under the ring finger (aka the Apollo finger) time to open up to the world a bit more. Be curious about where you missed seeing your power and impact on others. Good news, you don’t have to shout, even soft voice carries power when you speak your centered Truth.

The shorter, straighter Head Line is an Earth Head Line. You prefer actions to words and prefer familiar to unfamiliar. You also jump to conclusions that underestimate your own strength. You tend to leave the conversation and head back to safe familiar space


or come out swinging fast. Familiar is survivable, so when that’s threatened you can react quickly. You actually represent the bedrock on which life stands, but may miss seeing your strength which is when you pull back OR swing first to ‘stay safe’. Time to see more of the real you.

When your Headline is longer and curves down but stays under that ring Apollo finger, you aren’t quick to act. Instead you can imagine a million different things that can go wrong. You drown in worst case scenarios before you open your mouth. Instead of imagining the worst time to trust your enormously mind to help have that deeper conversation.

Risk is hard on you and conflict is so uncomfortable when your head line ends on the inside of your hand. Yet you have to practice the discomfort of speaking your truth instead of resentment for those who don’t automatically know it or see it. Remember, water wears down a rock, so use your artfully expressed point of view that is hardest to resist, when you persist!

Next week we dive into the outside lines and how to win the change game and land on the high road for you. If you want more on this subject check out Metaphysical Minds Broadcast here where Shay and Lisa dive deeper.

Until next week, where we tackle the outside head lines.

Author: Lisa Greenfield


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