Fork in the Road December – Week 3

Fork in the Road December – Week 3

We are in Week Three in a month of reward or conflict, you decide which it will be. This blog post shares how you navigate conflict well using the palm of your hand. This week we look at how to win with a Head Line that more easily takes the ‘upper hand’.

When your Head Line reaches the outside edge of your hand, anywhere under the little finger, you more naturally speak or stand up for yourself with facts and intuition. It can feel frustrating when others won’t join you in a discussion or debate. bestamericanpsychics

In fact you can be the big picture person that sometimes despairs when others can’t see it too. Patience is required and you have to watch for that inner demon of superiority. Be mindful you don’t dismiss others who aren’t wired to feel safe or comfortable with disagreement. Keep in mind conflict can feel overwhelming, not because they are weak but because they’ve been wired to fear it. How you handle it can help another step into that arena and discover their courage, or you can send them fleeing you and seeing you as the bully even when you aren’t. bestamericanpsychics

Let’s start first with the Air Head Line that stays higher up in the hand. This line ends under the pinky region on the outside of your hand. Since you have the strongest mental ability, you can win with words and ideas all the time. Your challenge is to learn to listen and care what others think. It’s not just a win/lose opportunity. It’s a chance to be curious and connect with others, even when you see things differently. You can do the most growth this month when you measure success differently. Let your mind find bridges between people instead of widening the gap with right/wrong thinking.

Now it’s time for our great visionary explorers, the Fire Head Line. Your Head Line travels to the bottom outside quarter of your hand. This month you have to check what your vision serves up and question your interpretations on what you see. It’s too easy to jump to conclusions, and while you may discover some completely unexplored region, let’s do it safely. You can be the most impatient with those who don’t get it and respond with some heat. You are Fire, after all.

Keep in mind that you are meant to help unleash all the potential fire power between people when you use warmth to bring them closer, instead of blow torch those who don’t ‘get it’. If anyone can see how to use all the different points of view and actions to improve the situation, you are the most visionary of solution finders when you temper your approach with a dollop of patience and faith.

To dig deeper on your type, you can watch Metaphysical Minds’ discussion of Head Lines here with Shay Parker and Lisa Greenfield outlining what you can do best.

Next week we put it all together, just in time for the holiday conversations. I’m with the Dalai Lama who said ‘anyone who thinks they’re enlightened, spend a week with your family’. While me might not be there in person it could be a great time to break old patterns!

Author: Lisa Greenfield


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