Invoking the Presence of the Archangels of the Four Winds: Archangel Raphael

Invoking the Presence of the Archangels of the Four Winds: Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael – Guardian of the East, Element of Air

Healer of the Angelic Realm, His name means “God Heals”

He is associated with the Heart Chakra

Archangel Raphael has come to me during meditation and while doing a healing session for clients. He isn’t shy at all, he likes to laugh. I know when the feelings start building up, when he is about to come around and when the temperature in a room changes to warm and I get this tingling sensation on the sides of my cheeks and my ears. 

His essence can be felt even weeks after I’ve given a client a healing session.

He heals all that concerns life in this physical realm and he heals the path of a Soul.  I understood what this meant when I was shown all about Soul Contracts. Soul Contracts are agreements that we made with the Divine before we decided to come back on this Earth Plane. It is true that Earth is a school where we learn valuable lessons to help heal our Karmic paths and also to help heal and raise the vibrations of the earth. Archangel Raphael helps facilitate, in all of earth’s inhabitants, healing, and the earth itself.

The food we eat is our greatest source of medicine and often he inspires people in agriculture and farming fields, as well as activists, to pursue safer ways to farm or grow fruits and vegetables. 

He inspires to always push for better ways to preserve nutrients of foods through the soil – by keeping it healthy through clean water systems.

He often advises that we choose to eat high vibrational foods and what he means by this is eating foods that are organically grown and foods that have deep or bright colors.

Our Whole Well Being is his concern, for us to live a fulfilled life during our stay here on earth, because he is aware that we have a lot to accomplish while we are here.

Raphael’s vibration is free flowing, light, and easy but magnetic and high pitched – he also heals through sound and music. He is associated with the musical note E as he naturally brings inspiration to musicians and composers to bring beautiful healing music for the world and the higher realms.

Archangel Raphael brings forth Harmony and Heart Healing and we can deepen our connection with him through these essential oils and crystal suggestions:

Essential Oils: Clary Sage, Rose Absolute, Bergamot

Crystals – Emerald, Malachite, Moldavite, Aventurine

Just like all the Archangels, Archangel Raphael has his own Healing Key and this key is to help you deepen your connection with Archangel Raphael:

Start drawing the corkscrew symbol 1st and then draw the line (top to bottom) 2nd, draw the lightning rod 3rd and the three lines that go from right and over to the left. Move your dominant hand slowly across the Key from right to left.

These Keys can be placed on your healing table under its sheets, or on your bed and under your sheets or anywhere you’re tuned to placing a drawing of this key to bring healing into a space.

Archangel Raphael Attunement key courtesy of Doctors with Reiki Raphael’s Key 

Author: Katherine Dacanay

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