How to develop your Psychic Muscle

May 27 2016

How to develop your Psychic Muscle

Have your ever had a strange experience you thought was a coincidence, but a nagging feeling made you feel that there may be more to the story? Those recurring feelings may actually be glimpses of your own inherent intuition, hidden deep within.

Psychic abilities can be compared to the air bubbles that surface on a still lake. If you sit and stare long enough at the water’s surface, you will eventually see slight movements occurring. These tiny movements end up producing ripples on the surface, even in the tiniest of increments. When comparing this to your sixth sense, or your intuition, think of those air bubbles. Consider them rising to the surface of the water, then think of the ripples created. The same thing happens when your innate intuition rises up within you. Sometimes, you intuition is so very subtle that you barely notice, but remember, psychic information still creates a ripple effect.

So what can you do to strengthen your psychic abilities? Just as you might sit and watch a quiet lake, you must also sit with your intuition in order to notice the tiniest of signals. Make a point each day to sit quietly, alone, and only focus on your senses. Try to absorb everything around you, feeling, smelling, touching, etc. until you have used all of your regular 5 senses. Then, after you have effectively processed your surroundings with your 5 senses, try focusing deeper to access your sixth sense.

If you see, in your mind’s eye (the third eye) an image or a color, make a mental note of it. If you have a feeling course through you, pay attention to it. Now, determine if these new sensations affect your other 5 senses in any way. For example, do you smell anything? Are you hearing a song or a familiar tune? Do you have a different taste in your mouth? Are you feeling any differently, as far as your skin or your body temperature? Every single sense is affected by the other senses, and if you can learn to take notice of how your sixth sense, or your psychic sense, sends information to your other senses, you will begin to strengthen your overall psychic awareness.

Once you have practiced this a bit, begin new challenges and make point of “reprocessing” old actions or tasks using your new awareness. See if you discover anything new while doing daily routines. Open all your senses and attempt to truly connect with everything around you in this newfound way. The goal here is to stimulate your psychic senses, in accordance and in unison with your other 5 senses. You eventually want your psychic senses to be just as strong and “natural” as your other everyday senses.

Scientific research and experiments prove that the brain waves of subjects change when they are exposed to new environments and a variety of experiences. An open-minded person is far more likely to improve their intuitive abilities more rapidly than someone who is not agreeable to new experiences or to change.

Developing your psychic sense is fun and is a natural ability, just like exercising your body at the gym (or in other ways). While physical exercise conditions the body, your psychic workout enhances brain fitness. Both give you the tools to reach new heights and a more well-rounded, healthy lifestyle.

So take your time, relax, and concentrate on just “feeling” all those things that you do not normally take the time to notice or process on a daily basis. Once you begin really focusing on these “extra” sensory observations, you will learn to effectively develop your psychic muscles!

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