The Akashic Principle of Love

The Akashic Principle of Love

…A modified excerpt from award winning book, Divine Love Affair: An Akashic Journey Written by Nancy Smith.

When I was a tiny girl I had a sense of being loved in a large way. It was as if everything and everyone around me was made of love. I returned excitement and love to everyone and everything.

My parents took us to church as a young family. I watched with interest as the prayers and songs glowed in colors around the sacred alter. Sometimes I saw colors around people’s heads. Sometimes I heard extra voices singing with us. I defined this joyful presence as God, the Holy Family, and my angels.

But, over time my life became complicated. My mom was always angry, my dad was aloof. By the age of seven I began to feel confused about my parent’s anger and sadness and the love I experienced from my angels. It made for one hot mess. My loving enthusiasm took a nosedive. I escorted it all, hearing angels, feeling love and a sense of happiness, to the back of my consciousness.

 Around my tenth birthday, my mom threw a big christening party for baby number eight, little Jackie. While my sibs and cousins played outside, I was sent upstairs to get baby Jackie up from her nap. With Jackie my arms, I started down the stairs. At the top of the landing I heard a commanding voice say “STOP.”

 “The angels,” I thought to myself. “I had better listen.” I stopped. I stood on the landing at the top of the stairs. I waited for what seemed like forever. I squeezed my eyes shut and asked, “When can I go?” In my mind’s eye I saw a traffic light.  The lights changed from red to yellow, and then to green. “Okay,” I said aloud, and continued down the stairs.

 I had to walk past a bank of large windows to lay Jackie down in her bassinet.  Just as I was about to step in front of the first window, a ball came crashing through it, shattering and spraying broken glass everywhere. The shards just missed hitting us. I knew that if I hadn’t listened to the voice telling me to stop, we would have been badly hurt.

 I whispered, “Thank you.” In my heart I knew my angels were keeping me safe. I promised I would try to listen better. From that moment on, my amazing journey with Spirit began to grow on purpose, by my choice. With that choice, at ten years old, I began my journey to return to the loving presence of the angels and the creator.

In the Presence of Akashic Love

The presence of God is Love. God is Love. Love is the energy used in all of the creator’s creations. The Akasha is the essence of the creator’s source and is the energy of Love.

We will always return to God, whether during life as we live it, or during our transitioning in death to Spirit, we return to Love. When we direct our minds, emotions, and Spirits to self-love, and accept a divine, loving, healing presence in our lives, miracles can happen. They aren’t really miracles—we’re meant to live our lives in Love—it’s the natural way of being that brings us back to health and a sense of well-being.

The miracle is our return to Love, to Source.

Our self-awareness and ability to recognize our needs and care for ourselves, is in direct proportion to our capacity to open up to God’s love and Akashic spiritual energy.

Akasha is the intelligent, compassionate life force from which all things are created and to which all things return. Akasha is one of the many names for the creator energy, the Divine Consciousness. Akasha is also an organizational principle that we can use to understand and connect to the Divine Consciousness and Love of the creator.

Akasha is an energy that can be accessed. This ability is embedded in your energy anatomy. The potential is within you and the training is available. We are created and born to access this energy. As we access Akashic energy, our lives as humans are enhanced; we deepen the journey to our soul. What has wounded your spirit and self in your lifetime can be reclaimed and healed as you access the Akashic field.

Within the Akashic field of energy is a library of information and the wisdom of all creation. The Akashic energy is sensitive, and all events are impressed and embedded within this Akashic library of records. The records contain the macrocosm and microcosm of your life; the big picture of your soul’s plan and the very personal information about you are all all retained in this Akashic field.

The healing within the Akashic field is a relationship of reciprocity and deep respect. To enter onto this healing path you must take ownership of the choices you make in your life. The entrance fee is your willingness to be completely present in the moment as best you can. Curiosity, imagination, creativity, forgiveness, intuition, and a willingness to blend with Spirit elevates your vibration. You will then access Akashic healing consciously and with purpose.

When you consider your life’s path and Soul purpose, think of Divine Love. Wherever you go, whatever you choose to do, the best path is the path that brings you to Divine Love.

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