Inner Physical Struggles and Transforming

Inner Physical Struggles and Transforming

Award-winning psychic medium Deborah Livingston examines menopause and the symptoms that affect a woman’s physical being as well as mind, body, and soul. From personal experience, she proclaims that menopause, although extremely challenging, is an open invitation for transformation through spiritual healing…

As a woman experiencing perimenopause in my late thirties, and now full blown menopause in my early fifties, I can speak to the many difficulties in keeping my whole mind, body and soul balanced. Although I am not a doctor, I do have personal experiences to draw from. Menopause affects women physically, mentally and spiritually. As a spiritualist and practicing psychic medium, I have found that connecting with my own spirit has enabled spiritual healing and mid-life transformation.

The physical symptoms of menopause can be daunting. The changes that occur can include weight gain, headaches and hot flashes. The hot flashes happen during the day, night or both. I personally experience the night sweats which, in turn, has a major impact on my quality of sleep. There, of course, are also the emotional and intellectual changes. These may include brain fog, mood swings, menopausal anger and other emotions that can fluctuate often, creating that roller coaster ride. Different days can bring different emotions such as anxiety, depression, fear, a feeling of going crazy, worry it’s never going to go away and a loss of faith and even your own spirit. My daily dominating symptom seems to be crying over the smallest little thing and then feeling as though I’m going off the deep end.

None of these symptoms, of a very natural physical state and part of life, mean we’re going crazy. In fact, they are a sign that our spirit is healthy. Our spirit is speaking to us and expressing that, once this temporary menopausal experience is complete, we are to share more, just as I am here with you, and to do more by experiencing everything life has to offer, being the best we can be. We need to open our hearts and listen to the soothing whispers of our soul. Our spiritual healing lies within.  Menopause is an open invitation to transformation.

Just as outside life experiences can have an effect on our mind, body and soul, so can inner experiences, including menopause. It is through change that transformation happens.  One of the things that happens in menopause, that doesn’t get nearly enough press, is that you change spiritually (if you are open to allowing). Not unlike the butterfly, menopause is a full transformation: body, mind, and spirit.

I have found that, by turning to spiritual practices during menopause, I’m able to relinquish thoughts in my mind that, in turn, trigger extreme emotions. Instead, I can respond to menopause from the spiritual healing that lies within. The practices/steps that I have taken may also help other women heal and transform their body, mind and soul. These practices/steps are:

Meditation: listening to your spiritual voice from a safe space and hearing what it has to say about this world, what it needs, and where you fit in to the plan. We all have a spiritual purpose.

Energetic view: looking at your menopausal experience through the lens of the chakras and meridians and understanding from a physiological point of view.

Personal view: spiritual healing is just listening to your story, tapping into your deepest self, and then asking questions within you that enable you to open and heal.

Self-love: remembering that you are right where you are supposed be. You are beautiful and perfect just as you are. Love yourself and recognize who and what your spirit is and your inner truths.

Transformation view: Shifting your thoughts to a deeper level and meaning that sheds the true meaning of menopause which is change, and through change comes transformation and spiritual healing. Spiritual healing is about recognizing your beautiful spirit and helping to set it free. Keep the faith and trust in you and your spirit.

If allowed, menopause can potentially can steal our inner spiritual power. By becoming mindful and remembering that the journey through the menopausal symptoms and the effects on our mind, body, and soul is an open invitation to transform, we can spiritually heal. Remember that life is a series of universal, synchronistic events that allow our soul to evolve and grow and this is just another one of those events.

Author: Deborah Livingston

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