The Sacred Goddess – Care of the Temple, Part 2

The Sacred Goddess – Care of the Temple, Part 2

Summer Recipe for Care of the Sacred Goddess Temple:


2 C. Wheat Couscous
2 TBSP. unsalted Butter
4 C. Filtered Water

2 Persian Cucumbers (Cubed).
¼ C. Red onions (Diced)
1 C. Garbanzo (rinsed)
1 C. Golden Raisins (Chopped)
½ C Sweet Peppers (Diced)
½ C. Sun Dried Tomatoes (Chopped)
Parsley (Chopped)

Olive Oil ( 1 C.)
1 Whole Lemon (Seeded)
Lemon Zest

Sea Salt and Black Pepper

Prep all of the above ingredients and set aside in a large bowl.

Whisk the Olive Oil and the Lemon together and season with salt and pepper.

In a pot – boil filtered water and butter.
Move pot away from the heat and add the Couscous – fluff with a fork.

Add the Couscous in the bowl of prepped vegetables and add the Oil dressing.

Season to taste. Eat at room temp or cool.

Weekly Detox for a Healthy Liver:

Celery and Parsley Juice:

1 Bunch Celery (rinsed, and chopped into chunks)
1 Bunch Parsley (rinsed and stems trimmed)
1 Lemon (seeded)

Place and run chopped Celery, and then Parsley in your juicer.
Place in Glass
Squeeze fresh Lemon


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