BAP 2021 Fabulous Feedback Award Winner

BAP 2021 Fabulous Feedback Award Winner

Folks, she has done it again! Deborah Livingston has won Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics’ 2021 Fabulous Feedback Award. Deborah consistently receives high praise and feedback from our clients. She is a fabulous evidential medium and has proven the existence of life after death to anyone that seeks and books a reading. Deborah has the honor of receiving several awards from our company, as her clients repeatedly let us know how she has affected them and their lives in a positive way. And, this year, she is deserving again.

This recent feedback came in and we pulled an excerpt from it to exhibit some of what we hear about Deborah:

“5 stars!!!The only thing better than a reading with Deb Livingston? A SECOND reading with Deb Livingston!First of all, her accuracy is spot on! And from what I understand of the way in which she works, the accuracy is due both to her gift in receiving the messages and her uncanny skill and ability to interpret the message as it applies to the individual. Both times I sat with her, I asked for an hour of her time, split between ‘medium reading’ and ‘life reading’. I love this combo! What makes it so special is that, at least for me, Deb was able to find links between my current life path and messages received from my loved ones in the spirit world.”

Deborah has spent years training and honing her natural gift with the top educators and professionals which accounts for her “uncanny skill and ability to interpret the message as it applies to the individual.” This is what continued education and training is all about and why Deborah is such a highly regarded professional in her field.

Deborah offers psychic and mediumship readings as well as life readings, spiritual assessments, and spiritual mentoring. In addition, she is a published author. She has made several radio and TV appearances. You can book a reading with Deborah and she can read for you at distance via phone.

We are pleased to, once again, offer this award to Deborah! Links for Deborah:

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