Crossing Over, From This World into the Spirit World

Crossing Over, From This World into the Spirit World

Crossing through the veil from this world to the next is one of the most misunderstood, controversial, and asked about phenomena that we, as humans, experience.

Those who have experienced Near-Death Experiences, what we commonly refer to as NDE’s, have stories, often very similar, where they say they have crossed through the veil then been called back to their bodies here on Earth.

Lisa Williams, world renowned Psychic Medium and Author, says, in her book, The Survival of the Soul, “Remarkably, and with few exceptions, people report experiences that closely match descriptions given by others who have also had NDE’s.”

Every Soul will make this transition at some time from this life into the Afterlife. Your Soul is powerful, and it knows what to do. It is also timeless and endless. It cannot be destroyed or lost. Your Soul is pure energy, and it oversees everything about both your living and your dying. As soon as your Soul leaves your body, it knows what to do.

Before you come to Earth, there is a plan for you at a Soul level, and this plan includes exit points.

Your Soul is attached to your physical body through a silver cord that provides an energetic connection. This is how it has been most experienced and described by those who have had out of body experiences, near death experiences, and astral travel experiences.

When you leave your body to cross over, the cord snaps, and you are released from your body. At this point, you can choose to move toward the veil in the direction of the White Light. Again, many describe this same experience when they have had a near-death experience and come back. Because it is a choice, some choose not to take this direction and end up in a place that is neither Earth nor the Afterlife, but a vortex of sorts. Usually, this is because they feel they have unfinished business with their time on Earth. These Souls become what we think of as “Ghosts.”

Those who move into the White Light are supported all the way by their Spirit Guides.

The Spirit World exists in another dimension and time. Those in the Spirit World can come very close to us when we connect with them, and, at the same time, they are actually in a different dimension of higher-vibrational frequency.

Your journey into the Spirit World begins with you traveling through a tunnel. It is not a dark tunnel; it is a tunnel of Light that would be blinding to your human eyes. You continue through the tunnel, pulled as if by a magnet closer and closer to the White Light.

You will be aware of loved ones around you and will be able to see them and touch them once you are out the other side of the tunnel.

One purpose of the White Light is to provide healing and clear the emotions of your passing. It is the first stage of healing preparing you for what is to come. More healing happens once you reach the Afterlife.

You don’t remember what it was like before you came to Earth or other times you have made this transition out of your body and into the Afterlife, but your Soul knows, and it will guide you safely. People experience fear before they die sometimes, but that fear disappears at the time of your crossing and is replaced with awareness.

Lisa Williams says, “It’s just like riding a bike, you never forget.” Remember, also, that you are returning, when you cross over, to a place you came from. Because of this, it will feel familiar to you.

Author: Michelle Barr

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