Love Is All That’s Left

Love Is All That’s Left

The Value of Mediumship

The other day I went with my dear friend to visit her father in a rehab/nursing home facility. I hadn’t seen Paul, her 83-year-old dad, in almost a year. When we arrived he was asleep, seeming to be somewhere between worlds. When my friend gently woke him, he startled and moaned. Lori then greeted him, told him who she was, and asked how he was. “Not good” he said. He seemed to be off somewhere in a distant place, a bit confused. Then, all at once, he brightened as he gazed at his daughter and said, “I love you sooo much!” The rest of the visit continued much in that same vein; vagueness, chit chat from my friend, and many times over, the clear, sincere, heartfelt gaze and exclamation from Paul, “I Love you. I just love you so. I love you so much”. My friend has a rocky relationship history with her father, which she has completely made her peace with over the years. As I sat with them and witnessed this sweet authentic interaction between them, I was inspired to write this piece. Being a professional medium, this is the bottom line of every message delivered from loved ones who have passed. “I Love You.” Yes, of course there are variations of it, “I am ok” I am with you always” “Please forgive me” etc. But the resounding communication is always and only Love.

I was so moved by this intimate innocence from Paul to his daughter. I teared up at the universality of the soul connection between them, between us all, and in my opinion, between ourselves and the Divine, Source, God, Oneness. The core of most souls is pure love. Why, then, does it get so obscured while we are here on Earth living out our lives and relationships? I have said to my audience at every public demonstration of mediumship I do, and I’ll say it here: tell them now! Tell them while they are here with you, heal the rifts and pride that separates and guards your hearts! But even if, for whatever reasons, you can’t or don’t do this, know that at the end of your life and theirs, perhaps after passing, the core will reveal itself one way or another. When you bring a medium in to help you to connect with that loved one in spirit, the main message you will leave the session with is the love that never dies. Why not, then, make the effort now to allow this deep soul level connection to bubble up to the surface and flow out from your heart to theirs? The key is NOT to be attached to their response, or their receptivity to your love. Give it anyway! Receive it anyway! There is no obligation or etiquette on how to respond to “I love you”. Simply allowing it to wash over you in silence is enough. Or, if you are the giver of it, allowing it to flow out from you toward your mother, father, sibling, spouse, child, friend etc. Try offering it to yourself as well! A sincere, heartfelt, uninhibited “I LOVE YOU” right into your own eyes. Soul to soul of Self. Go on, I dare you! Love is our core, and love does heal the soul.

That day at the nursing home, Paul didn’t talk about his career, or his accomplishments in life. He sat and ate the chocolate pudding his loving daughter brought to him, and gazed at her like a child and said, “I love you soooo much!” over and over again.

The beauty and value of the ability to communicate with our loved ones who have passed, the value of the gift of mediumship is just for this. This simple essential core expression of the soul’s “I love you.” For what else is there, really? That, and the proof of the soul’s continuation, of course.

My wish for you is that you take advantage of the gift you have of your loved ones still living in the physical world and the opportunity to let them know that at your core, even with any difficulties and hurts that need clearing work, you love them so much. If your loved ones have gone on to the other side of this life, the next best thing is the use of mediumship, through your own spirit to spirit communication, or through the assistance of a genuine medium to guide you.

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