Oracle Cards

Oracle Cards

A Gateway to Connect with your Inner Divine

Feeling restless? Anxious? Bored? Confused? Are you excited? Peaceful? At a precipice or turning point? Then it’s a great time to get out your oracle deck of cards, or Tarot cards to have a chat with yourself and the Divine.

I feel fortunate to have grown up surrounded by tarot cards. My mother used the Rider Waite deck, and I would sit and watch in wonder as she laid them out whenever she did a reading for one of her college students. She didn’t do it often, a hobby really, a source of calm and clarity for herself, for friends, and for her drama students. There was always an electric feeling in the air for me when she would have the cards out. Excitement and possibility abounded. I would later, after her time reading them, hold each card in my hands and study the images.

When I grew up and went off on my own I acquired my own cards, a beautiful Oracle deck, different than a full tarot card deck as it has fewer cards and doesn’t run in suits like Tarot does. I didn’t practice psychic reading yet at that time in my life. I had no idea I would later become a professional reader, healer and medium. I would simply go to my deck when the feeling moved me, and sit and drop into a quiet state of mind, and ask for a message through the cards. I found, and still do find, it to be calming, comforting, and always aligned with what I was needing to hear at the time. It was as if there was a wise loving guardian with me, advising me and reassuring me that I was not alone. It still happens like that today.

Some people are afraid of oracle and tarot cards, finding them creepy, or too “woo woo”. The truth is, they are simply a tool, an extension of your own higher consciousness and the Universal energy that surrounds you that is always available to help you with clarity if only you will open to it. There is a helpful setting of the tone of intention when an oracle deck is used to center yourself. You can always just sit quietly and receive guidance from spirit, the Universe, or whatever you like to call it, but using a beautiful deck of illustrated cards that resonates with you based on its theme and design will quickly transport you to a lovely and deeper connection to your own spirit. It’s as if a key gets turned in your consciousness, and you find a deeper wisdom and calm place inside yourself. That calm place within is always there, and the practice of doing it often will open your intuition and help you to feel more connected spiritually with yourself.

Try this any time you can take a few minutes for yourself in a quiet place. Morning, with my tea or coffee, is my favorite time:
Take your oracle cards and hold them in your hands while you focus on your intention – a general message or a specific situation you want guidance on. Take a deep breath and shuffle the cards a few times in your hands. Now pick one card for a shorter reading, or two or three for a more expanded one. You can also choose another card to expand on the message of the cards before it. You will find that the card (s) you pick will resonate with whatever you are needing to understand or be made aware of in that moment about your situation, or for your higher guidance. There is always a written guide explaining the meaning of the cards with each deck.

A great place to find your own special deck that really feels right for you is in a good bookstore, or a metaphysical bookstore. You can also find them online when you search Oracle decks and Tarot cards. I highly recommend this practice of connecting with your inner self and Source, Divine, Universe, for support and wisdom to assist on your journey here on Earth.

Happy Divining!

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