Weighing Your Heart in Heaven for All You’ve Done on Earth

Weighing Your Heart in Heaven for All You’ve Done on Earth

We have all been conditioned to fear Judgement day at the end of our mortal days.

How are the scales bought into balance after judgement day? We must see who we are at that point, when all the lies that built our earthly life and actions are taken away and we are in the blinding light and love of the creator. We can become broken in our human lives and consequently make horrible choices. All of our lives are built around making sense of our pain in order to survive. When we pass to the other side, we are lovingly taken apart, healed and slowly put back together so that our experiences and choices can be seen with compassion and wisdom.

In the Spiritualist’s tradition the theology is that God, creator of all that is, intended that all the experience, knowledge and understanding we gathered during life be brought with us after physical passing to grow and learn from. Our consciousness survives after the change called death. We bring with us all the experiences that shaped us and the choices and consequences of those choices. Then we review it. All of it. Good, bad or indifferent we will pass into this new existence and be given the opportunity to review our life based on those experiences, how we have used them, and our effect on others and the world in general. Then and only then can we evaluate our worth as a human being.

What is a good life and a poorly lived life? If all of us lived our lives to the best of our abilities with due regard to others, taking into account the  trials and tribulations of life, and in the end can live with the consequences and our conscious of what we have done, that is the best we can do. Living a good, successful life has very little to do with fame or fortune, it has to do with the beauty and wealth of your spirit you touched the world with.

This principle expresses the natural law of cause and effect, a law that operates on earth as well as the afterlife. What we do now affects the growth of our Soul. In the afterlife we will be accountable for how we lived our life according to our Soul’s development. If we were meant to learn patience, did we avoid the opportunity or embrace it?

After our passing from physical form, when we are re-united with our Soul and the Creator, we are home, we are valued, our human lives matter. Our experience, knowledge and understanding from our magnificent lives are so very cherished.

Our life’s experiences influenced us, changed us and the people around us. We may have impacted our society as a whole. Our actions were geared to expand the spirit within us. Each action will be considered and valued. Our physical existence and experiences were preparing us for the end of our life. Every experience, thought, feeling, action in that human existence comes with us. It is the celebration of heaven to receive us back home and to hear of our journey and our challenges. Nothing is wasted.

God, or infinite intelligence love and light, is energy and not a corporal being. Let’s talk about compensation and retribution as a simple cause and effect, as in energetic ripples.

The law or principle of Cause and Effect state that every cause has an effect, every effect has its cause. Nothing happens by sheer chance. When we experience what seems like a random event, or even something that seems like a coincidence, it has a cause somewhere. Whether physical or mental or energetic, something set “it” in motion. The effect of one action becomes the cause of another action, creating a chain of events. Everything that happens not only in your life, happens in everyone else’s life. It has a root somewhere.

Every thought and feeling you have, action you take, causes an effect to you, to someone else, or to something else. You must be careful and accept responsibility for everything you do. Your thoughts, intentions, or action are amplified as they move out into the universe and then they return to you with a much more powerful impact.

There is no judgement, punishment, or reward to this process of cause and effect. Whatever you put out comes back to you, amplified. Do what you will and let it harm no one. You can do anything you want, BUT, you must accept, and you will be compelled to accept, the consequence of your actions. If you harm no one, no harm will come to you. This is the law behind the golden rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  So: The next time you resent someone getting away with something “bad,” just wait and watch, and be glad it isn’t you who will have to pay for it later.

Author: Nancy Smith  https://bestamericanpsychics.com/advisor/nancy-smith

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