The Art of Loving Self-Talk

The Art of Loving Self-Talk

From the moment we are born, love and nurturing are the elements we need to thrive in life. Our Spirit thrives and grows in this healing, nurturing environment as well. We tend to look at the world outside of our self, our parents, family, friends, romantic relationships to fulfill this need. When our need isn’t met, when all else fails, the only way out is to go IN.

We need to – have to – love and nurture our Self. When we are actively loving ourselves, the outside world improves magnificently.

The conversations we have with ourselves and the actions we take through our daily activities are true messages to ourselves. Whether we are consciously aware of our messages to ourselves or not, everything we say or do is heard internally and taken seriously.

Who is listening? The answer is that our unconscious self, who contains our inner team of children, our inner problem solvers, protectors and critics, are all listening to us and learning from what we do.  Your inner team is taking into account your conscious reactions, decisions, attitudes and actions. What we say and do consciously is what they believe and “know to be true.” If we want to change what they, our inner team of helpers, know to be true, it is important to listen and monitor our self-talk, observe our reactions, and choose wisely what actions we take.

Where we point our conscious “shoes” is exactly where our inner team goes.

Carol Tuttle, a renowned expert on children and spiritual development, says “The messages your children hear from you today will influence the beliefs they hold about themselves as adults.” Now that you ARE an adult, guess what, you are still sending messages to your inner child.

Who are your inner children?  Carol writes there are 4 types of children. Fun-Loving, Sensitive, Determined, and Serious. Each child type needs specific nurturing messages. A determined child is hands on and needs to hear, “It’s ok to move, touch and explore. A serious child needs to hear, “It’s ok for you to observe and think first before jumping in.”  A sensitive child needs to hear, “Trust your emotions and Intuition.” A fun-loving child could really use hearing, “It’s ok for you to make noise and laugh and play.” EVERY Child needs to hear “You can be you and I will always love you.”

Do you remember what your nature was as a child? Take some time to look back and observe yourself as a child.  What was your nature? Shy? Outgoing? Magical? What kind of encouragement worked best for you? What didn’t work at all? Imagine what you would have benefitted from hearing as a child. Write some message ideas down and see if they resonate.

If you didn’t hear empowering messages as a child from your parents, it’s ok, not all is lost! You are your own parent now. YOU are in charge. Create some messages that are just right for your inner child. You can find all kinds of ways to send those messages to your inner child. Children learn through hearing, touching and sensing. Be creative on what you are saying and how you are sending your messages to your inner child.

Create a receptive relationship with your inner you! Play music, your favorite music and sit quietly to listen and FEEL yourself as you listen. Draw and color with pencils, markers, paints and let yourself express freely, in whatever way resonates with you. Learn who your essence is as you play. Walk, run and jump. Skip rope. Be curious about everything around you. Observe and get to know what resonates and what doesn’t. Sit quietly in meditation with the intent to simply feel and listen to you, your own heart.

Remember to tell that inner little self, “I will always love you,” and then show your inner child that same love though actions and attitude.

Your Spirit and Soul will blossom and thrive, your creativity will expand as you truly and compassionately love and care for yourself!

Author: Nancy Smith

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