Invoking the Presence of the Archangels of the Four Winds: Archangel Michael

The Archangels are high ranking Angels and they reside on the Angelic realms close to the Divine (or God). The Divine has given the Archangels very important responsibilities to fulfill to help us here on earth. One big responsibility is supervising the Angels, and they work together on the Light Ray frequencies. The word Archangel […]

Healing the Ghosts That Haunt Us

I used to live in a haunted house. Actually, as a medium, all the houses I live in house spirits as well. Or, they can house the echoes of the person that used to live there, even if they are still alive. There is a difference between clearing energy and communicating with spirit. In one […]

The Spirits of Halloween

I was shopping the other day, already the stores are sold out of some of the Halloween favorites…not to worry there is still more to be had…the preparation and excitement for Halloween is in the air! I love that this season continues to grow in popularity. Why do you suppose that is? Halloween is full […]

A Great Starting Place to Simplify Your Life

Simplifying your life goes a long way to reducing stress, but where do you start?  Let’s start with hidden stressors. Believe it or not, one of the biggest hidden stressors is your closet (your wardrobe) and I’ll tell you why. An overstuffed closet, drawers bursting at the seams or jewelry boxes with tangled necklaces and […]

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