Which Courses Should I Take?

Clients ask me a lot of questions. Heck, that’s their job, to ask questions. But some of the most important ones are about their budding spiritual development. Where do I start? Which books should I read? Which courses should I take? Who are the best teachers? Well, I’m going to tell you exactly what I […]

Soul Mates & Life Partners…What’s the Difference?

The topic of soulmates often comes up during spiritual sessions. Clients usually emerge after a relationship that held so much promise ends abruptly. They are then left wondering what actually happened. To their own recollection, there were no signs of trouble in paradise; just a seemingly blissful relationship that felt magnetic, familiar, and perfect for […]

Intuition VS. Wishful Thinking

Sometimes, I connect with clients who insist their intuition is urging them to go down a particular path. When I look at it psychically and see the opposite they are often confused. During those moments I take some time to explain the difference between an intuitive hit and wishful thinking. I’d like to share some […]

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