Are the Best Psychics Antisocial?

Maybe. But, let’s explore why. Professional psychic mediums have to be prepared to deal with all sorts of situations that may arise stemming from their career path. Sometimes their belief systems are attacked by people who do not take the time to truly understand why they do what they do. This may come from people […]

Best American Psychics: It’s Not Just a Clever Name

Why We’re Proud to be America’s Top Psychic Provider With the most recent popularity of virtually anything remotely related to spirituality, psychic directories have been under an increasing amount of pressure to deliver quality services. Not because other providers are offering their own competitive edge but are actually tarnishing the reputation of ethical psychics due […]

How to develop your Psychic Muscle

Have your ever had a strange experience you thought was a coincidence, but a nagging feeling made you feel that there may be more to the story? Those recurring feelings may actually be glimpses of your own inherent intuition, hidden deep within. Psychic abilities can be compared to the air bubbles that surface on a […]

Spiritual Encounters at the Winchester Mystery House!

Are haunted houses real? I’ve often said that anywhere you are, the Spirit world is always just an arms length away – provided you’re open to receiving the signs. However, there are some places where the supernatural energy is so powerful that ghostly sightings and strange occurrences are commonplace. Ghosts haunt places because they are […]


Colby is excited to announce the premiere of her new show Psychic REBEL Live on UBNRADIO.COM! This will be a LIVE streaming video & audio podcast! Are you looking for a different kind of spiritual show? Join Psychic REBEL Live for a fun and fresh new spiritual experience! Listen LIVE tomorrow as Colby welcomes special […]

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